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Consciousness: Methodological Issues


These papers discuss the foundations of consciousness science, notably the conditions under which experimental methods are basically logical and reliable. Although these conditions had been discussed historically in the field without decisive resolution, basic and critical problems have been neglected. Papers here offer novel and decisive advances in field foundations, framed as experimentally-testable physics-theoretic contrasts, rather than philosophical argument.


Consciousness: Computational Neuroscience


These papers create an entirely new approach to the computational neuroscience of consciousness, based on an innovative symbolism developed for treating methodological issues. Papers here point out that basic physical principles must constrain the computational encoding basis for conscious experience, establishing empirical tests that can distinguish two important classes of theory-of-consciousness.


Consciousness: Physics

Mainstream physics seems to be taking a rather naive and unquestioning approach to consciousness: it is 'obviously' a weakly-emergent property of brain-dynamics, 'just as' temperature or rigidity can be viewed as emerging from systems possessing these properties. This emergent-consciousness explanation may be true - but then there would be a number of new and foundational problems for physical theory. Conversely, explaining the relationship between consciousness and the brain without violating currently-universal physical principles suggests an entirely new base-case theory-of-consciousness, which is - in principle - experimentally-distinguishable from the emergent-property explanation. Papers here discuss this novel and promising theme.


Consciousness: A New Hypothetical Framework

In response to problems identified for the mainstream approach by various discussions referred to above, this strand constructs a new, hypothetical, experimentally-testable, framework for explaining and analysing consciousness.



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