The Science of Consciousness Conference, La Jolla, 2017

This page collates resources related to a twenty-minute talk, "The Emperor's New Science? A Valid Science of Consciousness Can Exist Only If Reality Differs in Specific and Fundamental Ways from the Current Mainstream-Physics View". The work described addresses and then resolves the field's basic vulnerability: the criticism that it's not a 'science' because reports of consciousness are not scientific data.(Long abstract available here.)


'The Talk'

An audiovisual recording of a previous presentation of the talk. Forthcoming.

Powerpoint slides can be downloaded here.


'The Paper'

The Talk is based on the following Paper:


"A complete and scientifically-reliable framework for theory-discrimination in consciousness research requires specific, experimentally-testable, dynamical couplings between natural phenomena". In submission: PDF

Supplementary Material Supplementary Image Supplementary Table 


Responses to some questions that the Talk often evokes. Forthcoming.


A Longer Talk
The Talk above only surveys the basic foundational problems for an experimental consciousness science, and overviews certain structural features that the Paper applies in response to those problems. This Longer Talk builds on the overview-survey style of the Talk, and provides a more detailed explanation of the proofs and results of the Paper. In a sense, it's a video-based reading guide for the Paper. Forthcoming.


Related Materials

Introductory Suggestions: If you are unfamiliar with foundational issues in consciousness science, we recommend you read Chalmer's The Conscious Mind, and Dennett's Consciousness Explained. Then write a paper - for your own personal consumption - on why these two deep thinkers come to such dramatically-different conclusions. Finally: watch the Talk!


Further Reading: The Center's Consciousness program expands on the approach begun in the Paper.

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