Papers: Consciousness: Physics

Formal symbolic brain-biophysics (2): Relativistic theory*Working Paper : PDF. 
[*NOTE: This early document from the Physics sub-topic of the Consciousness Program has an incomplete bibliography. It also uses a now-outdated version of the Center's novel symbolism for consciousness science. Despite these issues, it is included because it analyses a remarkably under-neglected topic: relativistic invariance of conscious experience (as a brain-property). Results from this paper are discussed in 'The physics and neuroscience of the observer, ...', immediately following.]
The physics and neuroscience of the observer, observed, and observing: implications for space, and for fundamental physical theory. Working Paper : PDF.
New frontiers in gravitational metrology: relativistically-invariant descriptions lead to two experimentally-distinguishable hypotheses concerning the fundamental physics of conscious experience. Working Paper. Forthcoming

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